Coconut Cream

A delightfully decadent candle fragrance that tantalizes the senses. The journey begins with an exotic top note blend of warm curry and luscious coconut, transporting you to far-off, sun-drenched lands. As these initial notes subside, the middle unfolds, featuring an alluring dance of creamy vanilla-infused coconut, a mélange of evocative spices, and the uniquely captivating note of cardamom, adding a certain finesse to the composition. The fragrance reaches its irresistible finale with a sumptuously sweet and creamy dry-down, tinged with musky undertones and a soft, powdery touch, evoking the comforting essence of a gourmet dessert. With its gourmand and spicy families, “Coconut, Cardamom and Cream” offers a symphony of fragrances that feel as intimate and soothing as a warm embrace.

Top: Curry, Coconut
Middle: Vanilla, Spices, Pepper, Cardamome
Base: Sweet, Cream, Musky, Powdery

Peppered Passion Fruit

A candle fragrance that truly redefines exotic indulgence. It begins with a lively and energetic top note trifecta of vibrant orange, refreshing melon, and the subtly invigorating hint of green. This joyous introduction gives way to a heart imbued with the exotic sweetness of ripe mango, creamy coconut, and an intoxicating whisper of jasmine. The journey concludes with a sophisticated dry-down; the warmth of amber, the mystique of musk, and the earthiness of sandalwood intermingle, creating a base that is both sensuous and comforting. Peppered Passion Fruit is a fragrant adventure, a tropical paradise captured in a candle, offering a sense of escape, relaxation, and the sheer pleasure of being alive.

Top: Orange, Melon, Green
Middle: Mango, Coconut, Jasmine
Base: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

Cranberry Apple

Cranberry Apple is a luscious blend of tart cranberries, juicy apples, and spice. Top notes of orange peel and apple sweeten the cranberry heart of this scent, while notes of cinnamon, clove, and sugar wrap all the fruits together into a delectable aromatic treat.

Top: orange, apple
Middle: cranberry, cinnamon
Base clove