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who the fuck is candle guY?

Michael Murphy original candle guy

I am Michael, also known as candle guy. We launched candle guy two years ago and people are crazy about our candles. Not only are they really funny and look damn good – they smell amazing! I think that’s why we are breaking all sales records. We simply have an awesome product!

Many of our customers from Italy, Sweden, France, Denmark, Spain,… are asking for candles in their language. They would love to have their local candle guy, homme-bougie, ragazzo delle candele, Kerzentyp, Sveču puisis, kaarsenman, facet od świec, ljuskille, el chico de las velas,…

That’s why I am looking for partners to make candle guy big in more countries and in more languages. My vision: a candle guy partner in every country who exclusively sells candle guy candles, ships all orders, and comes up with new creative candle ideas.

Are you ready to become your country’s candle guy?

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that's why my candles are amazing.

How it works

“The candle guy partner program is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to quickly establish a successful business in their country. It’s not a franchise – it is a partner program at eye level.”

your advantages

  • You distribute candle guy products exclusively (and only you!) in your country. 
  • You don’t have to worry about building a brand, programming a website, online marketing, and advertising. All candle guy orders from your country are automatically routed to you. The revenue for these orders will be yours.
  • We supply you with candles, boxes, and everything you need to ship candles in your country.
  • You will have access to our Order Management System, which will allow you to process and ship your orders highly automated and extremely fast.
  • Together we will create the perfect ads for your country and run them through our established ad accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Google).
  • You create new candles and build your own candle guy collection piece by piece in your language. 
  • With a small investment in your initial inventory and country setup, you can build a successful business in your country. Especially at Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or country-specific holidays you will receive many orders.
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You are the perfect candle guy if you...

  • have experience in e-commerce.
  • have space available to process orders and store inventory.
  • are reliable, customer-oriented and accurate.
  • speak English.
  • are ready to commit yourself to the success of candle guy in your country.
  • are ready to invest some time and money to build your own business.

There is only one place per country available.
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